Sitecore CMS also uses the Sitecore Dictionary

Something I was reminded of today, Sitecore will also use the Dictionary that you define in the CMS 🙂

Let’s do a quick demonstration. Say you have a Page Template called My Details:

My Details Page Template

Then, add this to the Insert Options of a particular item, say the Home item. If you right-click on the item in your content tree and select Insert, it will display your “My Details” page template as an option:

My Details Insert Options

Now, say there is a requirement to translate/manage the string for a navigation item on the website, more specifically the My Details navigation item and you wanted to change this to My User Area. One way of doing this is to add a dictionary definition for this and reference this dictionary definition in your code:

My User Area definition

Now go back to the Home Page and right-click to add a new child item. You will see that Sitecore has identified that there is a dictionary definition for “My Details” and is using this instead of your template name.

My User Area Insert Options

Be mindful of this, sometimes this may be unintended. however if you wanted to translate aspects of the Sitecore CMS, then this would be a great place to do this 🙂